Check-in :
- We ask that you arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment .If arriving ten minutes late, your service will be shortened due to the arrival of the next appointment , or you may have to take the next available appointment

Gift Certificates:
- Gift certificate can only honored at the original location of the purchase.
- You must use your gift certificate with six months of purchase date to avoid paying a difference in price.
- Gift certificate are non - refundable, non - changeable .
- We are not responsible for any gift certificate are lost or stolen.

botox phone number
LaVie Nail Spa • 202 Highway 54, Suite 402 • Durham, NC 27713 • 919-484-4040

LaVie Nail Spa - Policies
Limit one drink per customer per service.

General :
- We are not responsible for any personal items that are left , lost or stolen.
- There are no children allowed in the working area unless they are being rendered service. Parent are responsible for any damage caused by an unsupervised child(ren).
- Please limit cell phone conversation to avoid interrupting other partrons.
- Gratuity is recommended . If you would like to add a tip to your card, please notify us in advance so we may adjust your bill accordingly . Please note that Visa, Mastercard and Discover might hold a 20% of the mount of the service due to gratuity .
- Only drink with tops permitted . No food please. Limit one drink per customer, per service, per day.
- If your party of 6 or more , we will ask you for deposit. If you not show up for your appointment , the deposit are not refund .

Cancellations :
- If you must cancel your appointment , please notify us at lease 24 hours in advance . Cancel your appointment at last minute may not be rescheduled due to our busy schedule .